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How to check the interpupillary distance (PD) for ordering glasses?

To measure your interpupillary distance (PD) you will need a ruler, marker and mirror.

Stand in front of the mirror, hold the ruler horizontally next to the eyes, so that the beginning of the straightening of the ruler was on the right edge of the right pupil. Then mark with a marker on the ruler where the right edge of the left pupil begins.

All! If at you left 5 sm and 7 mm your PD of 57 mm means.

So the DP is measured if you have the same distance from the nose to each of the pupils. If you have a slightly different distance, it is worth to measure the distance from the nose to each of the pupils separately.

To do this, just also bring the ruler horizontally to your eyes. Measure the distance from the middle of the pupil to the middle of the nose. Do this for each of the eyes.

How to get a prescription for glasses?

1. The easiest way to get a prescription for glasses is to ask for the recipe for your glasses at the optics store in which you last bought your glasses.

2. Also, you can make a vision check for almost any optics and get a prescription for glasses. Usually such a check costs about 50 shekels.

3. You can also take your glasses and in almost any optics and even superfarm affiliates ask for there to check which recipe of your glasses. Usually it’s free.

How long does it take to deliver glasses?

We do our best to get your glasses as quickly as possible. And even our free shipping is very fast. Usually it takes about a week.

And also you have the opportunity for a small surcharge to order delivery by courier, then you will get your glasses straight to the house in just a couple of days from two to five days.

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